Age of Apocalypse

The Traitor

The heroes returned to a downcast London. The only hope for humanity rested on the shoulders of the Sentinel program. And now that Magneto had destroyed the Muir Island Sentinel plant, humanity’s guardians were now finite and dwindling in number.

The culprits involved in setting up the Muir Island invasion were Clarice Ferguson (aka Blink) and Raven Darkholme (aka Mystique). Blink had won the HR’s trust when she defended a group of humans from one of Apocalypse’s priests, even killing him in the conflict. Mystique posed as a human refugee and infiltrated human territory via the enormous refugee encampment in Rabat Morocco.

But someone on the inside had to have helped them. Someone had to have created a Termination Amnesty Chip for Mystique’s fictional human. Someone had to pull bureaucratic strings in order to get the two of them assigned to Muir Island – Blink as a potential SHIELD recruit, and Mystique as a plant worker.

Assigned with investigating the HR mole, the heroes discovered that none other than Henry Peter Gyrich – the Deputy Secretary of State, was responsible. Not only had he been behind the machinations above, but he murdered an innocent security worker, Edward Brock, in order to tie up loose ends.

Now tasked with finding and capturing Gyrich, the heroes traveled to Rabat, where they met Carol Danvers, the director of the refugee encampment and ranking HR officer in the region. Giving the heroes what little intel and supplies she could, she also informed the heroes of other troublesome issues she was dealing with – an unknown mutant has been singlehandedly destroying Sentinels, and a civil war is threatening to break out between the HR and a group of extremists known as the Human Liberation Syndicate (HLS).

The heroes found Gyrich in his boss’ estate outside of Rabat, and despite a couple attempted escapes, managed to escort him to the Hassan tower to meet with his handler from the Dark Regime. There, they encountered Vanisher, Dragoness, and Husk. All members of The Fedayeen – an elite team of mutants serving under Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, Horseman of Apocalypse.

The Fedayeen underestimated the heroes, and were quickly defeated. After Vanisher teleported the villains away, Gyrich informed the heroes that before their skirmish, Vanisher had questioned Gyrich about “The Spire”.

After turning Gyrich over to HR security, Carol Danvers suggested that The Spire might refer to an ancient tower used as a place of worship by a mysterious tribe known as the Kamba. The heroes promptly set off to find this spire.


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